Paying with plastic
Sprintf's expertise is frequently called upon for the development of new point-of-payment terminals and the linking of such terminals to cash register and parking systems. Sprintf played an important role in the software development and implementation of new mobile (GSM) and EMV point-of-payment terminals that are suitable for 'chipknip', PIN (debit) cards and credit cards. In addition to this, Sprintf was responsible for the linking of point-of-payment terminals to cash register systems, parking terminals and money exchange machines. Sprintf took part this process during the successful certification of these links by financial authorities in both the Netherlands and in Belgium.

The art of prediction
Sprintf developed and implemented a model for forecasting water pressure in a drinking water distribution network. This model allows the customer to more accurately forecast water pressure. A comparison between the forecasted water pressure and the actual water pressure as measured, provides valuable data. The advantage of this is that the customer will now be in a better position to detect problems arising within the distribution network. The forecasting model uses artificial intelligence, specifically, artificial neural networks.

Call first, pay after
The Customer Care & Billing (CC&B) system represents the heart of the data supply for mobile telecom providers. Sprintf consultants possess extensive expertise and experience in the analysis, configuration and software modification of CC&B systems for national and international mobile telecom providers. New, high-profile functionalities are designed and implemented such that telecom providers are able to offer and bill customers for new, revenue-generating services. A professional Customer Relation Management (CRM) system is essential if customers are to be provided with services that efficiently address their specific needs. Sprintf has made significant contributions to the establishment of the CRM system servicing the large business mobile telecom market.

Pay first, call after
Sprintf was involved in the work performed on the second-generation GSM Prepaid system, both with regard to the specification as to the functional testing of this system. Sprintf designed and developed an integrated suite of test applications for the Protocol and Functional tests. The end result of this project was a high performance Prepaid system that was highly scaleable.

Oil under control
From 1996 up until 2004 Sprintf was responsible for the maintenance of, and modifications to, a SCADA system. This system controls and monitors a pipeline from Rijnmond to Germany that is used for the transportation of different types of mineral oil products. Sprintf was responsible for producing the detailed functional design for the successor to the existing system.

Investing wherever you are
At BinckBank, Sprintf was responsible for the project management of the implementation and integration of EuroPort, administrative front- and back office software produced by Able.